The Amalfi Coast in Italy is famous for its beautiful and very special lemons. Big, juicy, fragrant lemons that are bursting with flavour and used in hundreds of recipes fom Limoncello to lemon risotto to cakes, sorbets and granitas. Amalfi lemons have a protected geographical indication (IGP) and are the traditionally used lemons for the famous Italian liqueur Limoncello because of their edible skin. The lemons are completely natural and untreated.


A fresh pointed pepper is a crisp and juicy fruit that will fit many dishes excellently whether used raw, boiled, grilled or baked. Because of the straight shape the point pepper is more than suitable for stuffing. How about roast, stuffed pepper with a dressing of yellow pointed pepper?


So many different edible mushrooms, so many different flavours. Those that can be picked in the wild, as well as cultivated mushrooms that are generally sold as buttons, cups or flats according to age. Large flat (Portobello) mushrooms have more flavour than young buttons, and chestnut mushrooms tend to have a slightly stronger taste and firmer, meatier texture than ordinary white ones. 4x250 grams punnets with: Yellow and grey Oyster mushrooms, Shiitake, Chestnut mushrooms and White Shimeji. 2x500 grams punnets with: Eryngi, yellow and grey Oyster mushrooms, Brown Shimeji and Portabella mushrooms (content may vary, depends on season and availability).


Enjoya is a unique gift from mother nature. It is grown with love and passion; Enjoya Growers are present in the greenhouse daily to provide its optimum. The natural soil and the peaceful way of cultivation gives it the time to mature slowly. As a result they get a delicious aromatic flavor, they are pleasantly crunchy and the best quality.


Stone fruit contains a single kernel that is encased in a shell and surrounded by fragrant pulp. It is usually thin-skinned and the flesh turns softer and more juicy the riper the fruit becomes. Always wash stone fruit before eating.
Now available at Fresh Wise: Spanish stone fruit! European stone fruit is well known for its outstanding taste and beautiful appearance.


Some vegetables have a special surprise! Beetroots are one of them. Though the outside may look pale and grayish, the inside is bright colored and velvety! What to think of baby beetroots? You've probably seen the red variety before. But we now have something new at Fresh Wise! Take a look at these cute, little baby beetroots which come in the Chioggia and Yellow variety. It's like opening a gift when cutting these in half!


Some say it has the taste of pineapple, bananas, vanilla, pear or even strawberries with cream! Whatever it is: it's delicious. It is commonly used in smoothies and ice creams, added to fruit salads or even used as a mousse or pie filling.
This juicy, delicious and creamy fruit resembles custard apple with its green outer skin consisting of overlapping scales and custardy flesh with several black seeds.

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