We supply a large range of fruits in quantities, as well as small mix orders. Our range covers Dutch fruits like various apples and pears as well as imported fruits like Grapes, Citrus, Melons, Stonefruits.


We source our berries directly from the best growers all over the world. By using a special developed way of packing our pallets, we are able to provide our customers high quality berries with a long shelf life.


Three arrivals per week directly from our grower in Italy with fresh baby leaves. This ensures we can supply fresh baby leaves every day of the week.


Fresh Wise offers a complete range of vegetables. Whether it's an exotic vegetable from France, Peru or Vietnam, or if we have to stay close to home for some wellknown Dutch vegetables: we know where to find it!


Fresh Wise offers an outstanding selection of specialty tomatoes from our own soil in The Netherlands, France and Spain. Troughout co-operation with local growers, we are always in ahead of the newest varieties.


Fresh Wise dares you to try our collection of hot chilli pepers. From Habanero to Scorpion, the hotter, the better!


Our extensive network allows us to supply a full range of mushrooms to meet the individual needs of each customer. We even have more exclusive mushrooms available like chantarelle, blue foot or truffles.


Freshwise is supplying all kinds of exotics such Mango's, Avocados and Pineapples and also exotics like carambola, cherimoya, passionfruit, asparagus, rambutan, figs, lychees and mangosteen.


Specially selected lettuces directly loaded from the growers. In the morning they harvest, at the beginning of the afternoon they transport to our warehouse, at the end of the afternoon we ship it to the airport. In the Dutch season we are able to supply the lettuces from the fields to your country within 24 hours!


With our full range of herbs from Israel, Spain and Kenia, Fresh Wise is able to serve his partners yearround with fresh herbs in various packagings.


Supplying through our customers to hotels, restaurants and other high-end companies, cresses are essential in our assortment.


Fresh Wise exports and transports high quality Dutch onions and potatoes to worldwide destinations. We co-operate with the best growers in Holland only, to deliver the best quality possible.
Fresh Wise provides their customers with the best quality of produce from all over the world. In co-operation with our growers, we do more than our utmost to supply on a daily basis as fresh as possible. We handle a very high level of quality and are constantly improving the quality of our products and services.

To maintain the quality during the shipment, packaging is very important. We wrap pallets with frost carton to protect the products from dust and fluctuations in temperature, when needed. All sensitive products like berries can be packed with icepacks and cool foly in order to keep the temperature as low as possible.

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