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Fresh Wise believes that evereyone deserves to taste all of the delicious fruits and vegetables our planet has to offer. Fresh Wise is a full service fruit and vegetable provider. We supply wholesalers, caterers, gastronomy, importers and ship chandlers. We offer our partners a broad range of fruit and vegetables which are sourced directly from the grower to your destination. We are able to combine any kind of mix pallet in our range, which reaches up to 600 items.

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The Formosa papaya is one of the biggest papaya varieties and can weigh about 3 kilo’s. The flesh pulp is reddish and is quite firm compared to other types of papaya.
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We are able to supply all kinds of fruits in big quantities, as well as small quantities. As our warehouse is close to the harbour of Rotterdam, we have fruits like grapes, pears, apples, citrus and melons at our fingertips.


Fresh Wise offers a complete range of vegetables. Whether it's an exotic vegetable from France, Peru or Vietnam, or if we have to stay close to home for some wellknown Dutch vegetables: we know where to find it!


Freshwise is able to supply all kinds of exotics such as carambola, cherimoya, passionfruit, asparagus, rambutan, figs, lychees, mangosteen... The more unfamiliar the product, the greater the challenge for us!


Fresh Wise exports and transports high quality Dutch onions and potatoes to worldwide destinations. We co-operate with the best growers in Holland only, to deliver the best quality possible.
“At Fresh Wise we understand that logistics is one of the most important aspects of our service. Fast and efficient delivery of our excellent produce is our specialty.”

Quality beyond what is expected

Fresh Wise provides their customers with the best quality produce from all over the world. In co-operation with our growers, we do more than our utmost to supply on a daily basis as fresh as possible. We handle a very high level of quality and we are constantly improving the quality of our products and services.

To maintain the quality during the shipment, packaging is very important. We wrap pallets with frost carton to protect the products from dust and fluctuations in temperature, when needed. All sensitive products like berries can be packed with icepacks and cool foil in order to keep the temperature as low as needed.

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